Extra Cleaning Fees

We ask that all guests (and their guests) treat these historic houses and property with respect.  Although we charge a cleaning fee for each reservation, there have been rare cases where we have had to levy additional fees due to the conidtion in which departing guests have left the houses.  Fortunately, this has only happened 6 times in 14 years.  However, when it happens, it is an inconvenience for all involved.

How You Can Avoid These Fees 

Remember that he PAYING PARTY is responsible for any and all charges incurred during the reservation, as well as any additional fees assessed after check-out.  

  • A list of check-out duties is posted in each kitchen.
  • This list is noted in the check-in instructions.
  • Check-out is always 11 am.  It’s important to keep in mind, with respect to your activities during your stay, how much time you will need to meet the check-out requirements before you leave. 

Guest Responsibilities

We ask that you leave the house(s) as clean and free of debris and litter as possible. (If you spill it, clean it up.) Accidents occur, please clean them up. We stock extra clean-up rags in each kitchen.  You are responsible for taking out everything that you brought in including trash and recyclables. There are trash and recyclable bins at the rear of each house.  A brochure, indicating what is accepted for recycling, is posted in the kitchen and above the bins outside. General mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, laundry and cleaning of the bathrooms is handled by our cleaning staff. 

Please Remember to:   

  • Return all moved furniture and items (indoor and outdoor) to their original locations.
  • Place dirty dishes in, and start, the dishwasher.
  • Garbage must be bagged and placed in the appropriate containers outside at the back of each house.  Make sure the lids are closed securely.  Do not leave any garbage outside of the containers.
  • Linens may be left on the beds; towels may be left in the bathrooms.
  • Return the key to the lockbox, close it and scramble the code.
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere on our property.


The Fees

Failure to comply with the check-out requirements will result in fees levied against the paying party.  The amount will depend on how much additional cleaning is required and/or how much damage is observed in the houses as determined by our cleaners.  The minimum additional fee for each accommodation is as follows:

  • Guest House 1 - starts at $175
  • Guest House 2 - starts at $175
  • Jamieson Suite - starts at $75 *
  • Unreturned keys - $50 per key

* When renting only the Jamieson Suite, this fee is also applicable to signs of use in off-limit areas of the house (e.g. upstairs bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.).

What Happens

Our cleaners are the first to enter the house(s) after guests depart.  They will notify us immediately with photos and detailed information regarding the condition of the house(s) (inside and outside).  Should additional cleaning be required, the additional fee is determined.  You will be notified within two days of the fee amount.  An invoice to the paying party will be forwarded. The fee amount is due within 7 days of the invoice date.  If it is not paid within that time, the credit card on file will be charged.

Gallery of Shame

The overwhelming majority of our guests treat the houses with respect, but there are always that select few who choose to do otherwise.  Below are photos taken by our cleaners.  Don’t let check-out photos of your stay appear here!